Sustainability Report

All responsible organisations are established with the implicit idea that they will grow in the long term. As such, business models are forward-looking and seek to outline how best organisations can guarantee their viability over time. This, in essence, is what sustainability is about and is something that we at UEM Sunrise have naturally been conscious of since the beginning.

Through this section, UEM Sunrise will be reporting the ways in which we create inherent value for our stakeholders – from our customers to investors, employees and suppliers to the environment and communities.

This year, following a guideline issued by Bursa Malaysia, we are adopting the regulator’s recommended framework for sustainability reporting which focuses on the Economic, Environmental and Social (“EES”) initiatives of a company. Briefly, the Economic Category describes our impact on the economic conditions of our stakeholders and our engagement with economic systems; the Environmental Category describes our interactions with living and non-living natural systems; and the Social Category outlines our interactions in social ecosystem within which we operate.

Our ultimate goal, guided by our sustainability slogan of Building Beyond Buildings is a strong endorsement of our commitment to sustainability, and could be said to be the founding principle of this report.