Economic Impact

UEM Sunrise has a direct economic impact on our suppliers and vendors via our business dealings with them. More indirectly, the quality of our products plays a role in the well-being of our customers. We also enhance the socio-economic well-being of under-served segments of society via education, community development initiatives and supporting the work of various non-governmental organisations.

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Recognising that our purchasing activity has an impact on the environment and society, we consider each procurement decision carefully and are guided by the following principles:

  • Best Affordable Value – we optimize opportunities for efficiency and economies of scale when working with industry partners.
  • Effective Governance and Control – procurement activities are conducted in a manner that satisfies the requirements of accountability and internal control, fulfils UEM Sunrise’s legal obligations, complies with financial constraints and effectively manages commercial risk.
  • Standardised Approach – effective, efficient and consistent commercial arrangements are provided and enforced to procure works, products and services of a common nature.
  • Effective Supplier Relationships – appropriate relationships are developed and maintained with suppliers and their supply chains. We practise a transparent procurement process which is fair for both parties.

Although we do not have a formal policy on the hiring of local suppliers, we source locally whenever possible without compromising on quality. More than 90% of our suppliers are local.

We also give opportunities to qualified Bumiputera vendors to participate in our developments, as part of the Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme.

Gerbang Nusantara – UEM Sunrise’s Affordable Homes initiative in Iskandar Puteri


We incorporate environmental, safety and health factors into our contract agreements with supply chain partners. In addition, we require contractors to submit a Project Safety, Health & Environment Compliance Plan and Emergency Response Procedures. These documents outline the contractors’ training, monitoring and reporting procedures, as well as note their commitment to complying with statutory regulations, industry standards and codes of practice.

In line with our Green Plan and our commitment to environmental conservation, we also require our contractors to familiarise themselves with the environmental conditions of our sites and their surroundings. This helps to ensure that the subsequent work does not adversely impact the environment.


To maintain world-class quality and workmanship in all our products and operations, we apply the Quality Assessment Systems in Construction (“QLASSIC”) and Construction Quality Assessment System (“CONQUAS”), developed by the Construction Industry Development Board (“CIDB”) of Malaysia Gerbang Nusantara – UEM Sunrise’s Affordable Homes initiative in Iskandar Puteri and the Building Construction Authority (“BCA”) of Singapore, respectively. In 2015, we achieved a CONQUAS score of 80.6%, our highest to date, for Nusa Idaman 7D2. In addition, on 30 November 2015, CIDB awarded Nusa Bayu Phase 2A the High QLASSIC Achievement at the QLASSIC Excellence Awards 2014.

Employees are encouraged to contribute to continuous improvements in our operational procedures via the Innovative and Creative Circle (“ICC”) established in 2014. Two projects that won awards at the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (“MPC”) Conventions in 2015 have been implemented and are contributing to greater organizational efficiencies. They are: Overcoming Difficulties in Obtaining Documents Archived from Storeroom and Overcoming Late Report for Internal CONQUAS Assessment. The first project has improved QASHE department’s filing system by transferring the physical database onto an online archive. Meanwhile, the second innovation has reduced the time taken to produce a CONQUAS Assessment Report from 5.5 days to two days.

Further enhancing our service delivery, we have streamlined our Handing Over Vacant Possession process with a Quick Win initiative endorsed by the senior leadership on 14 August 2015. A roadshow was held to brief all relevant staff, contractors and consultants on UEM Sunrise’s quality expectations on 14-15 September 2015.


We have pledged to build 10,000 affordable homes in Iskandar Puteri, to be launched in phases from 2015 onwards.

Our efforts to deliver affordable housing to the community began in early 2000, in collaboration with Denia Development Sdn. Bhd., with homes developed in Taman Nusantara and Nusantara Prima, both in Iskandar Puteri. As at December
2015, 3,830 units of affordable homes and shop offices have been delivered in Taman Nusantara and 345 units more are under construction while 1,003 units are under construction for Nusantara Prima with a target completion of 2016-2017.

Additionally, in Q4 2016 we will launch Gerbang Nusantara in Iskandar Puteri, offering houses with built-ups ranging from 720 square feet, 850 square feet and 1,000 square feet priced at RM42,000, RM80,000 and RM150,000 per unit respectively. This initiative supports the National Housing Council’s agenda to ensure home ownership opportunities for the rakyat from all walks of life.

wp_PT3 Seminar for Form 3 PT3 Examination Seminar with UEM Sunrise’s PINTAR Adopted School Students

PT3 Examination Seminar with UEM Sunrise’s PINTAR Adopted School Students


The Company has been investing significantly into educational initiatives in the communities that surround us, firm in the belief that education is a fundamental human right, and one of the most powerful enablers to uplift marginalized communities.

We are one of the pioneering supporters of the PINTAR School Adoption programme led by PINTAR Foundation and established by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) in 2008, through which we inspire students in underrecognised schools to excel. Our commitment to the students is apparent in the various literacy projects and educational related programmes such as motivational talks and exam seminars and clinics that we organise on a regular basis throughout the year.

We started off with PINTAR Programme, which stands for Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility, by adopting 13 primary and four secondary schools in Gelang Patah, Johor in 2008. In 2015, we added four more schools to our ‘family’, namely: Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangi, Sekolah Rendah Agama Bt. 3, Bangi and Sekolah Kebangsaan Cyberjaya, all in Selangor, as well as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Ming Terk in Gelang Patah.

We also added two KEMAS kindergartens for the Pintar Al-Quran programme namely Tadika PRIMA and Tadika Firdaus in 2015 totalling seven altogether.

Over the years, we have been growing the involvement with our PINTAR schools. As an example, since 2013, we have contributed towards upgrading their libraries.
In 2015, we presented RM40,000 for this purpose to SMK Taman Nusa Jaya, Iskandar Puteri. In 2015, we also launched the first Public Speaking and Debate Competition pitching students from our adopted schools against each other. It was an excellent platform to increase the students’self-confidence and oratory skills.

As one of the aims of the programme is to develop well-rounded and responsible future leaders, our focus under PINTAR is not purely academic. Among others, we have also been running a Road Safety Campaign and Green Campaign under the programme. In 2015, we invested a total of RM724,920 in our PINTAR schools. Our efforts were recognised for being exemplary in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards 2015 (“IMSHA”).


wp_01UEM Sunrise’s Educational Aid Programme at the Shelter Home for Children
UEM Sunrise’s Educational Aid Programme at the Shelter Home for Children

Our contributions to the well-being of the marginalised also extend to ‘adopting’ a number of charitable homes and Orang Asli villages. Among the homes that we
have been supporting on a long-term basis are Shelter Home for Children and Agathians Shelter in Petaling Jaya; Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Aitam and Maahad Tahfiz Al Quran Wal Qiraat Addin in Tapah, Perak; Rumah Bakti Al-Kausar in Bangi; Pertubuhan Nur Kasih Bestari in Segambut, and Madrasah Tahfiz Az Zahra in Gelang Patah.

Representatives from the Company regularly visit these homes and organise special events to celebrate festive occasions with the residents. We also assist by providing additional financial aid when the need arises.

During the year, we helped to upgrade the facilities at Agathians Shelter and Darul Aitam Orphanage. We also donated RM37,353.25 to help provide for 100 orphans and tahfiz students from Rumah Nur Kasih Bestari, Rumah Bakti Al-Kausar and Maahad Tahfiz Kiblah in Sepang. In addition, we upgraded the road leading to Maahad Tahfiz Al Quran Wal Qiraat Addin.

Our involvement with the Orang Asli is through the communities in Kg. Sungai Geroyang and Kg. Sungai Merbau in Tapah as well as Kg. Simpang Arang in Gelang Patah. Since 2013, we have been supporting the children of these communities via a Back-to-School Programme through which we provide school uniforms, shoes, socks and bags. On 24 November 2015, we provided for 44 primary and 33 secondary students from the two villages in Tapah. Later, we presented the same items to 151 children in Kg. Simpang Arang.

UEM Sunrise’s community initiatives are strengthened by refunds of zakat (tithes) pay-outs to Pusat Pungutan Zakat Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, Lembaga Zakat Selangor and Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Johor. In 2015, we extended RM1,098,623.38 from our Zakat Disbursement Fund towards community development programmes, including RM123,800 to 556 Asnaf students at our PINTAR schools.


In May, we helped to refurbish the Community Hall in Kg. Sungai Melayu, which is used by the local villagers to hold community events and public engagements.

On 4-5 July, we supported 100 vendors of local garments and accessories by joining hands with Puteri Harbour Club House and Little Red Cube to organize Tempatan Fest Johor Bahru at the Puteri Harbour Promenade in Iskandar Puteri. The bazaar attracted more than 10,000 visitors from Johor and beyond.

wp_02Back-to-School Programme with Orang Asli children in Tapah, Perak

Back-to-School Programme with Orang Asli children in Tapah, Perak