Social Impact

UEM Sunrise recognises that we have a strong impact on the lives of two major groups of stakeholders, namely our customers and employees. We are committed to ensuring the best possible living environment for our customers while placing equal emphasis on nurturing a conducive workplace that respects our employees and provides them with the necessary support to derive a high level of satisfaction within the Company. At the same time, we invest in building strong relationships based on trust with the media, our investor community and society at large.

wp_104_UEM Sunrise Reminiscence of Spring Heritage @Publika

UEM Sunrise’s Reminiscence of Spring Heritage @Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur


Customers are important to UEM Sunrise because they eventually serve as ambassadors of our brand. We believe in establishing a close rapport with homeowners of our properties and have various mechanisms to engage with them in ways that they find enjoyable or meaningful.

Among the key events organised in 2015 was a Golf Friendly at the A’Famosa Golf Resort Melaka for community including our loyalty members, called Trèsorians, on 7 November. The event saw 60 participants from the Southern and Central Regions. We also organized a screening of Jurassic World – The Park is Open for new owners of Residensi Sefina Mont’Kiara during its exclusive preview in June at GSC Signature in The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

This year, there was a strong focus on safety and security in Mont’Kiara. In collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Police, Kuala Lumpur Contingent and Joint Management Body of Tiffani, we held a Crime Prevention Campaign at Publika, followed by a Community Engagement programme organised by our Security Department. At both events, crime prevention tips were shared with our residents. Our Auxiliary Police Unit also regularly engage with the community and personnel from local and district police stations to establish a cohesive working relationship to improve safety and security at Mont’Kiara.

A tournament at the A’Famosa Golf Resort Melaka with UEM Sunrise’s Trésorians and residents of managed-properties


Through our Trésor Loyalty Programme, customers are privy to pre-launch previews and discounts on new UEM Sunrise purchases while also receiving invitations to exclusive events hosted by the Company. During the year, these included Reminiscence of Spring Heritage at Publika; Reminiscence of Kampung Heritage at Jen Hotel, Puteri Harbour; and a Trèsorian Evening with saxophonist Kenny G at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

To add value to our loyalty programme, we have put together a range of premium partner merchants in the beauty and health, lifestyle, food and beverage, and services sectors that regularly offer our Trésorians special discounts and offerings to enhance their lifestyle. Among key names in this list are Sothys, Payot, Seido Golf, the Jewellerists and GoCar Mobility.


Our customers’ opinions are important to us, and we have in place a formal mechanism for them to give us feedback so we can keep improving our services and, hence, the Company’s value proposition. Customers can communicate with us via the Customer Care toll free hotline at 1 800 888 008; our dedicated customer care email address; and via SMS.

A tournament at the A’Famosa Golf Resort Melaka with UEM Sunrise’s Trésorians and residents of managed properties Sustainability report To measure the effectiveness of our customer service, UEM Sunrise undertakes a satisfaction survey on our products, services and our customers’ service experience. In the past we have run an Annual Resident Survey on residents of properties in both the Central and Southern regions as well as an Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This year, the two surveys were combined in a Consolidated Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015, conducted by an independent third party. The survey included a focus group discussion with high networth loyal customers in addition to the customary questionnaire, and focused on three main areas, namely UEM Sunrise’s Corporate Reputation, Product Quality and Offerings, and Customer Experience. Our overall score was 69%.


The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) is an act enacted by the Malaysian government in 2010 to protect individual’s personal data in commercial transactions and came into force on 15 November 2013. In complying with the PDPA, UEM Sunrise has issued a Notice on PDPA to all its existing and new customers to get their consents prior to use it for commercial transactions. The notice mentioned how UEM Sunrise and its subsidiaries and associate companies collect, store and handle personal information of individuals in accordance with the PDPA and the laws of Malaysia.


We strive to create a performance oriented culture in the workplace in which employees are inspired to excel. This is supported by a revised Performance Management System (“PMS”) framework that places emphasis on leadership, functional and technical competencies as well as behaviours in employee assessment, in line with our Company’s agenda to build capabilities and competencies.

We engage in regular discussions on employees’ performance to provide constructive, forward-looking feedback with a focus on development interventions to help employees to achieve their performance goals. The scorecard for each employee has been made available online throughout the year, so that individuals can track their performance in relation to their Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”).


One of the training sessions for the employees

One of the training sessions for the employees


At UEM Sunrise, we strive to attract and nurture the best talent in the industry. To keep enhancing the professional capacity of our employees, we provide continuous opportunities in training and development with a focus on three main areas – functional skills, leadership development and soft skills. High potential talents are prepared for the next phase of their career journey through leadership development. Much of the emphasis within soft skills development is on communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential in enhancing the customer experience.


UEM Sunrise participates in various career fairs throughout Malaysia and even in the United Kingdom to cast our net far and wide to attract the best talent. To strengthen our talent pipeline, as well as to expand our database, we also collaborate with several local universities and colleges such as the University of Malaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur.

We present career talks at local universities following which final-year students who are interested in joining UEM Sunrise are encouraged to have an informal interview with our HR staff present. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to an assessment during which they are tested on their English, Mathematics and presentation skills. Successful participants will be offered employment in the Group.

In addition we run a Young Executive Scheme/Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (“SL1M”) under which we provide a one-year working opportunity for fresh graduates which combines training in communication, problem solving and decision making, among others. Candidates who demonstrate an aptitude for work at UEM Sunrise are offered permanent positions in the Company, subject to the availability of suitable vacancies. To help young executives in the Group find their footing and progress their careers, we have in place the following two programmes:

  • Young Engineers Programme – (“YEP”) under this five-yearinitiative, young engineers gain professional qualifications that enable them to be accredited by the Institute of Engineers Malaysia.
  • Young Graduate Programme – (“YGP”) – through this threeyear programme, high-potential executives are given opportunities to develop critical leaderships skills.


UEM Sunrise places the highest priority on the safety of our employees and contractors and reinforces safety at our premises and work sites via a comprehensive QSHE Management System. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility and are committed to instilling a culture of safe behaviours via continuous training and recognition.

We launched an inaugural Towards Safety, Health and Environment Excellence (“SHE Excellence”) campaign on 3 August 2015 in Iskandar Puteri, Johor outlining our policies and procedures on safety, health and environment while emphasizing the roles and responsibilities of the development team, consultants and contractors to maintain safety. The launch was followed by 13 mini campaigns held at the Southern and Central regions until early November 2015.


UEM Sunrise introduced the Safety and Health Assessment System in Construction (“SHASSIC”) to our operations in 2013 to benchmark our safety and health performance against best practices. In the first year of its implementation, six projects were involved in the assessment and scored an average of 64.53% (3 stars). In 2014, four projects assessed scored an average of 68% (3 stars). In 2015, following the SHE Excellence campaign, and close monitoring of our contractors’ performance, the MK20 Project achieved a 5-star score of 88% which helped to push up the average of the six projects assessed to 73.3% (4 stars).


The Company has in place a Whistle Blower Policy which provides a mechanism for employees of UEM Sunrise, vendors and members of the public to report unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or dishonesty or violation of the Company’s Code of Conduct or Ethics Policy.

Any suspected malpractice or unethical activity should be addressed to the Chairman of the Board or the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

To encourage the report of any suspected wrong-doing, the Board is committed to protecting any employee who raises genuine concerns against any form of retribution or victimisation.

Our Whistle Blower Policy is available on our intranet portal for easy reference of all employees as well as on our corporate website.

Engagement with Other Stakeholders

We continue to engage with the investing community, members of the media, suppliers and members of the public to build strong relationships with these groups and, ultimately, enhance the UEM Sunrise brand.

Investors have access to our financial reports and announcements as well as company updates on our corporate website. We also engage with analysts, investors and members of the media on a more personal basis via periodical briefings.

This year, in July, we organized Information Day to share our plans on the proposed development of Durban Point Waterfront in Durban, South Africa with about 350 guests comprising investors, journalists and members of the local community there. In addition, we held special media briefings on new projects, and took the local media on a tour of Gerbang Nusajaya. A highlight of our media relations was to host a group of journalists from influential Australian media on a three-day tour of our projects in the Central and Southern regions as well as Singapore.

A number of public events were held in Kuala Lumpur and Iskandar Puteri, including Earth Day celebrations at Publika Shopping Gallery; Medini Live!, a music, film and art festival; the 12th Johor Bahru Arts Festival (“JBAF”), and Art of Speed Malaysia 2015 – all at the Mall of Medini in Iskandar Puteri. The year ended on a truly merry note with Christmas Wonderland at the Mall of Madini, Iskandar Puteri.

We also partnered with the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore’s Office to organise a golf tournament at Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club in Iskandar Puteri, Johor to strengthen relationships between the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore’s Office and its stakeholders in Malaysia and Singapore.

On 5–6 December, UEM Sunrise once again collaborated with Khazanah and Iskandar Investment Berhad to organise the ISKARNIVAL at Puteri Harbour in Iskandar Puteri. With social inclusiveness as the underlying objective, ISKARNIVAL was a fun-filled corporate social responsibility initiative specially targeted at the rakyat. It provided the platform to highlight what Iskandar Malaysia has to offer such as business, entrepreneurial as well as employment opportunities and was attended by more than 100,000 visitors.

Australian media familiarisation tour at Symphony Hills, Cyberjaya

Australian media familiarisation tour at Symphony Hills, Cyberjaya

Part of UEM Sunrise’s stakeholders engagement activitiy

Part of UEM Sunrise’s stakeholders engagement activitiy