Corporate Information

UEM Sunrise.



Building communities of the future with you and for you.

Mission Statement.

UEM Sunrise brings together the talented and skilled, the imaginative and the courageous. We create sustainable environments loved by home owners, acclaimed by investors and recognised by industry. We believe in thinking big and acting quickly to unlock potential; to thrive in a changing world.


We are an ENTERPRISING entity that embraces TEAMWORKINTEGRITY and PASSION with a focus on SUCCESS.

The key elements of our Values are:

  • We are enterprising and competitive with a mind-set geared towards creating greater value for our stakeholders.
  • We practice teamwork, mutual respect, open communications and empowerment while embracing diversity and inclusiveness to foster internal and external collaborations.
  • We hold true to ethical and professional behaviour to set the highest standards of integrity, honesty and trust.
  • We are passionate, driven, competent and committed to gain knowledge and improve skill sets to achieve personal growth and exceptional performance.
  • We achieve success by pushing boundaries, thinking creatively resulting with out-of-the-box innovative ideas and solutions.