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No longer are high initial costs a drawback when it comes to homeownership – HouzKEY has got you covered. Along with the usual HOC benefits of stamp duty exemption & MOT waiver and regular Bumi privileges that come with buying a property, HouzKEY offers a unique edge. It comes with a host of financial benefits that provide the helping hand you need to navigate through your homeownership journey.

You only need to pay three months of deposit to get started. Book a property until 31 December 2023 and experience the benefits for yourself. Act fast, though, as it’s first come first serve! 

Transform your dream home into a reality today. 

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Benefits of HouzKEY

Greater flexibility and cash flow efficiency are just around the corner. Get ready to unleash them.

Receive 100% financing

Enjoy complete financing with no need for a downpayment, including a 10% rebate from the developer!


Zero payments during construction

We help to finance the cost during construction, so you can focus on your home.


Lowest monthly payments possible

Get the best rates in the game when you pay back so you barely feel the hit.


Participating Properties
New Launch
Greater Kuala Lumpur
KAIA Heights Equine

Built up size
972 sqft

Up to
Up to
Up to

RM 567,800
Available Now
Greater Kuala Lumpur
Residensi AVA

Built up size
813 sqft

Up to
Up to
Up to

RM 567,800
Selling Fast
Iskandar Puteri
Senadi Hills Phase 2A

Built up size
2197 sqft

Up to
Up to

RM 716,550

Convenient Homeownership with HouzKEY

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What is the eligibility criteria to apply for HouzKEY?
  • You must be a Malaysian citizen (also open to Malaysian citizen who is non-resident).
  • Age 18-70 years old at the point of application, or 70 years old upon maximum financing tenure whichever is earlier.
  • You MUST NOT have more than one (1) home financing (including HouzKEY facility) at the point of application.
  • You may apply with up to three (3) guarantors. They should be 18-70 years of age and must be from your immediate family members (i.e. spouse, parents, siblings, and children). Guarantors are exempted from the criteria of having not more than 1 home financing (including HouzKEY facility) at the point of application.

Homebuyers under HouzKEY starts off with a 5 year tenure (“Initial Tenure”) and subsequently have the flexibility to continue for up to an additional 30 years. Thus the maximum tenure that can be offered is 35 years (or up to 70 years old, whichever earlier).

HouzKEY provides 100% financing and no downpayment is required. To start your homeownership journey, only pay three months of deposit upon signing the agreement with the Bank.

You and your guarantor(s), if any, are required to upload the following documents in your application:

  • Identity Card (NRIC); and
  • Employed (salary earner):
    • Latest 3 months consecutive salary slip
    • Latest EPF statement
    • Latest 3 months bank statements (if non Maybank crediting salary)
  • Self-employed (sole-prop & partnership):
    • Latest 6 months bank statements
    • Latest consecutive 2 years B/BE Form (with tax receipt)
    • Latest 2 years financial account statement/management account
    • Latest SSM Search
  • Any other supporting documents to strengthen your credit profile:
    • Latest BE Form (with tax receipt)
    • 2 years EA form for non-contractual bonus
    • Employment confirmation letter on fixed bonus
    • 6 months or up to 1 year bank statement or commission /variable allowance/ overtime/ service point vouchers
    • 3 months pension statement
    • Copy of ASB/Tabung Haji reflecting customer’s name and latest balance
    • Copy of Fixed Deposit certificate
    • Valid tenancy agreement not less than 6 months from expiry or 6 months bank statement showing rental income and property ownership evidence

The bank will inform you on the successful application and provide instructions for you to proceed in securing your HouzKEY product and property chosen. You and your guarantor(s) (where applicable) are required to:

  • Execute the SPA with the Developer and the HouzKEY Agreements with the Bank and pay security deposit and all other miscellaneous charges (if any).
  • You are required to open a Maybank/Maybank Islamic current/savings account if you do not have an existing Maybank/Maybank Islamic current/savings account for debiting payment.
  • The Developer will notify you via a Vacant Possession (“VP”) Notice once the Property is in order for handover.

This will vary from project to project as the packages offered by Developers are different for each project. If the legal costs and disbursements of the preparation of agreements and stamping costs are not absorbed by the Developer, the cost will be due from the Customer. Additionally, the Bank may agree to finance some of the charges incurred in relation to signing of SPA. This will be made known to you at the point of signing the agreement.

During the Initial Tenure, your monthly payment will be based on Campaign Rate x SPA price. The monthly payment is a profit only payment to enable lower payments in offering you with the greatest cash flow flexibility.
Your monthly payment schedule will be shared with you at the point of signing of agreement. In the event that there is a change in the Bank’s Islamic Base Rate, the monthly payment amount will change accordingly and you will be duly notified by the Bank.

The starting date for your first payment will be from the date you move-in, or fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of the vacant possession notice to you to collect the keys, whichever earlier.

Yes. The security deposit is refundable at the termination of HouzKEY Agreement, after offsetting any outstanding amount due and payable to the Bank including any cost of repairs, replacements or damage to the Property.

You will be required to pay the above charges.

A missed payment will be considered an event of default. In the event of default, you will be liable to pay the full Settlement Price and any other costs and expense due and payable from you.

You may refinance your property with any other banks or sell the property to settle the amount outstanding anytime after fulfilling one year payment with HouzKEY and six months prior to expiry of the Initial Tenure.

You will enjoy 100% of the gain, net off the full settlement price and any other costs and outstanding payment due to the Bank. Please note that Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) may be applicable on the property gains enjoyed upon the sale. The applicable rates will be based on the date of the signed Sale & Purchase Agreement.

Your contract with the Bank will be expired and you will be required to immediately return vacant possession of the property to the Bank and you will be required to immediately settle all costs and such other outstanding payments due and payable to the Bank. Alternatively, you also have the flexibility to continue with HouzKEY.

Please contact the Bank if you wish to continue with HouzKEY at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Initial Tenure.

  • Fire Takaful / Insurance: Compulsory
  • Life Takaful / Insurance: Optional
  • Takaful on Death/ Total Permanent Disability/Retrenchment/Dismissal from Employment: Compulsory

You are encouraged to take additional Takaful to cover the Monthly Payment due in the event of death/ total permanent disability/ retrenchment/ dismissal from employment. This is to better safeguard both yourself and the Bank’s interest on the ongoing financing of the property. The annual contribution will be charged to you as part of your monthly billing. In addition, we also highly recommend that you assign a nominee as the assigned nominee is allowed to continue on with your HouzKEY arrangement in the unfortunate event of your passing.

You will be required to make a booking directly with participating developer before applying for HouzKEY. This is to ensure the availability of your desired property unit with developer when you apply with HouzKEY for financing.

  • 100% financing where no downpayment is required.
  • No payment is required during construction period.
  • Enjoy lowest monthly payment with the best rates.

Just like any other home financing, you can also enjoy:

  • Government incentives, ie. Home Ownership (HOC) which includes stamp duty exemptions, MOT waivers and 10% discount on purchase of property.
  • Bumi discount (entitled by eligible Bumi buyer).
  • Withdrawal of EPF for monthly payment.
  • Other attractive packages offered by developer.

You are able to :

  • Refinance property; or
  • Sell the property to 3rd party buyer
Embark on your home journey with HouzKEY today!
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