Carrying Out Sustainable Solutions

We strive to implement sustainable solutions across all stages of the project lifecycle from design to tender processes and up till completion.


It is our commitment to ensure sustainability is embedded in everything we do for better living. Here are the benefits of sustainable homes:

Lower expenses

Lower expenses

Save more through energy and water conservation as well as lesser waste generation.

Lower expenses

High environmental performance

Build with well-selected materials and passive design elements to create a comfortable home.

Lower expenses

A healthier lifestyle

Enjoy healthy living from the use of green materials, green landscape areas and workout spaces.

Lower expenses

Fostering a sustainable community

Motivate practices of the 3 Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle) and urban gardening within your living space.

Green Certification


GreenRE Gold

KAIA Heights

GreenRE Silver

Residensi Solaris Parq

GreenRE Bronze

Verdi Eco-dominiums

GBI Certified

Project Quality Scoring



Estuari Gardens P1


Estuari Gardens P3


Estuari Gardens P3


Estuari Gardens P4




Aspira Lakehomes Phase 1


Serimbun 2A


Serimbun 2B


Aspira Lakehomes Phase 3


68° Avenue Package 1


68° Avenue Package 2


Aspira Square

Measures We Take For Better Quality and Performance

What is CIDB?

It stands for Construction Industry Development Board, formed with the purpose to build stable constructions by improving quality and productivity. It focuses on the importance of professionalism, innovation and greater quality of life to ultimately offer you the very best.

What is SHASSIC?

It stands for Safety and Health Assessment System in Construction and it is a method to assess and evaluate a contractor’s safety and health performance at the construction site.​

All our projects are evaluated by CIDB’s SHASSIC assessment to ensure only the very best for your future home. In addition, contractors must go through an ongoing CIDB SHASSIC Assessor-led assessment during the construction period and obtain a minimum 4-star rating. Every step of the way, we take measures to ensure optimal quality.

We’re pleased to have four of our projects achieve a 5-star rating in 2020 after undergoing the CIDB assessment. They stand as a testament to our high prioritisation for safety and health.

What is QLASSIC?

Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC): a system to evaluate the workmanship quality of the building construction based on the Construction Industry Standard. It acts as an objective tool to measure our work.

Through meticulous strategy planning, the Project Team Leader and QSHE(Quality, Safety, Health & Environment) team must work together to ensure contractors follow the construction drawings and specifications and comply with the required quality standards.

Through our continuous efforts, we have achieved an 83% QLASSIC score and an 90% SHASSIC score. In the future, we only hope to continue increasing these numbers.

Our Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE) Performance

Our Progress in 2022 Status
SHASSIC: Ensuring Safety in Construction Construction sites can be hazardous places, which
is why we take safety seriously. We carry out Safety
and Health Assessment System in Construction
(SHASSIC) before and during all our ongoing projects.
This comprehensive assessment helps us identify
potential risks and implement appropriate measures to
mitigate them.
Safety Training and Workshops: Raising Awareness  Raising awareness is crucial in promoting a safe working
environment. This is why we conduct regular safety
campaigns and safety awareness workshops to educate
our employees on best practices and potential risks.
We invest in internal training programmes to ensure
that our employees have the skills and knowledge they
need to work safely and effectively. By involving our
employees in these activities, we encourage them to
take ownership of their safety and well-being. In 2022,
total safety-related training hours to our employees is
2,897 Hours
First Aid and AED Training: Prepared for
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why
we provide first aid training to all our employees,
ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills
to respond in an emergency. Additionally, we have
placed automated external defibrillators (AED) at our
premises, providing quick access to life-saving
equipment in case of a cardiac emergency.
 CIDB Green Card: Certifying Safety Competence All our site personnel are required to obtain a valid
CIDB Green Card, which covers occupational-related
accidents. This card certifies that they have
the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely
on construction sites, ensuring that we maintain high
standards of safety across all our projects.
Compliance and Enhancement: Our Continuous
We are committed to continuously enhancing our
health and safety measures. Our Corporate HSE
Committee ensures that we comply with all relevant
regulations and legislation, while our Emergency
Preparedness and Response plan ensures we are
prepared to respond to any emergency situation.
By continually improving our processes and
organisational structure, we maintain our reputation as
a caring employer and a responsible corporate citizen.
HSE Pre-Qualifying Assessments for Contractors and Suppliers Our contractors and suppliers play an important role in our overall HSE programme. We conduct HSE pre-qualifying
assessments to ensure that they share our commitment to HSE excellence and have the necessary policies
and procedures in place to work safely and effectively, ensuring a safe and successful outcome for all involved/
SHASSIC Score 95.2%

Safety & Health

Taking care of the health and safety of everyone involved is very important to us. With that in mind, we adopted strict measures to safeguard everyone’s wellbeing:

Conduct comprehensive validation to evaluate the competencies of all contractor supervisor/safety officer safety supervisor

Establish, implement and monitor the HSE Training Matrix for all staff and contractors

Conduct construction-wide and company-wide HSE campaigns/drives

Train all project teams/consultants and contractors on the HSE Fundamental approach

Contractor Safety and Health Statistics

We’re proud to say we have reduced the number of injuries and fatal accidents, all while
maintaining zero property damages too! With this as our standard, we will continue to enhance our ways
for better health and safety performance.

For Head Offices
Fatality Rate

Fatality Rate

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

Fatality Rate/LTIFR

For Development Sites
Fatality Rate

Fatality Rate

Fatality Rate

Fatality Rate/LTIFR

  2020 2021 2022
Number of fatalities 0 0 0
Annual average number of employees 1,511 1,163 934
Number of accidents 1 0 0
Total man-hours worked 2,430,872 2,456,256 2,332,096
  2020 2021 2022
Number of fatalities 3 1 0
Annual average number of employees 20,614 27,521 28,813
Number of accidents 6 2 2
Total man-hours worked 4,136,392 5,724,368 5,976,048

Note: The rates were calculated based on 1,000,000 hours worked.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

We may be a property developer, but customer satisfaction lies at the core of what we do. We hold the
responsibility to provide the best experience and exceed expectations in every way we can:

Land acquisition

Focus on transit-connected land in densely populated areas for development

Design planning

Maintain quality by adhering to the Design Quality Plan (DQP)

Detailed design

Adopt energy-efficient techniques and use Building Information Model (BIM), System Formwork and Industralised Building System (IBS) to reduce the carbon footprint

Sales & Marketing

Perform a thorough inspection prior to vacant possession and the QLASSIC assessment by CIDB before the handover


Conduct internal monthly QHSE assessments on all ongoing projects to ensure high-quality work


Carry out QHSE assessments to select vendors who have the best track record in producing high quality products

Our key performance indicators consist of Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Core Value Engagement Score (CVES). The indicators show that we have performed well, as attested by an increase in Customer Effort and Net Promoter scores. We will continue to strive to get better.

Increased 2%
Arrow Up

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) - 2022


2021 (77%)

Customer Effort Score (CES) - 2022


2021 (71%)
Increased 5 points
Arrow Up

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - 2022


2021 (+25)
Increased 1%
Arrow Up

Core Value Engagement Score (CVES) - 2022


2021 (73%)
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