Community Development

Discover the ways in which we are positively impacting the community.

Building Communities Of The Future With You And For You

CSR is integrated into our business and is not just a supplementary part of it. By building sustainable developments, we are creating a nurturing and safe place for individuals, families and communities; we design environments to be conducive to improving social conditions while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Engaging The Community Through Outreach Programmes
We are further engaging the community through outreach programmes designed around two pillars: Education Enhancement and Community Engagement. Our two flagship programmes are BukuHub and the PINTAR School Adoption Programme.


Comprised of mini-libraries or reading spaces in public spaces, this initiative gives the community easy access to books, encouraging reading as a means to improve one’s life. The first BukuHub was launched in February 2019 at the People’s Housing Project in Uda Utama, Johor Bahru; it was recognised by the government as an initiative that supports the National Community Policy. UEM Sunrise has to date built 12 community reading spaces to increase the accessibility of reading materials for the community.

PINTAR School Adoption Programme

Launched in 2008, the PINTAR School Adoption Programme is our longest-running CSR programme. This initiative raises the adopted schools’ academic performance and improves the education quality for underserved students. These objectives are achieved through the hands-on implementation of key initiatives and programmes. Since 2008, our collaboration with PINTAR Foundation has directly benefited 25,000 students and teachers all over the country. Together with PINTAR Foundation, we look forward to creating more long-term sustainable impacts on local communities.

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