Our Philosophy

Building communities
of the Future

Our core competencies include Macro Township Development, High-Rise Residential, Commercial, Retail and Integrated developments, Property Management as well as Project and Construction Services.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Our Tagline

Find your Happy

Our “Find your Happy” story is at heart one of belief, optimism and resilience. It is one which recognizes and accepts the differences among us. Our purpose on this journey is clear – to inspire joy and happiness, one space at a time.

Find your Happ


Building communities of the future with you and for you.


UEM Sunrise brings together the talented and skilled, the imaginative and the courageous. We create sustainable environments loved by homeowners, acclaimed by investors and recognised by the industry. We believe in thinking big and acting quickly to unlock potential; to thrive in a changing world.

Our Philosophy

We aim to create and deliver products, services and initiatives that are exciting, value-driven and easy to own (E.V.E) to our customers and the community.



We consider ourselves Chief Happiness Officers; our values inspire us to create excitement and bring joyful experiences to all.


We aspire to do the best we can while conscientiously finding ways to improve.
We find joy in our work the people we do it withAnd the environment we create.


We create trust through honesty and the intention to build. This is the foundation on which our business grows and prospers - one space at a time.


We are always actively engaged in supporting our customers and stakeholders, irrespective of their varying goals. This is how we inspire hopefulness.


We remain optimistic and enthusiastic in the knowledge that our efforts are contributing to the Find your Happy journey. This evokes positivity and confidence.


Creative decisions are made to positively impact others; we find this both fulfilling and enjoyable. We seek and generate ways to find the fun in all that we do.


We’ve been naturally conscious of sustainability from the very beginning

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UEM Sunrise Returns to Profitability Supported by Stronger Property Development and Land Sales for the Financial Year Ended 31 December 2022
UEM Sunrise Unveils Product Series, HAPPY+ to Cater to Homebuyers’ Lifestyle Needs
UEM Sunrise Partners with CapitaLand Development of Singapore to Develop New Industrial Phases in Nusajaya Tech Park

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