How to check your house for defects after Vacant Possession

By Siti Naizah Mohd A’asi - Head, Customer Experience

Congratulations! Your property is now ready for the delivery of Vacant Possession, or short for ‘VP’. Delivery of VP refers to the property handover process wherein the bare house and any fittings and furnishings listed in the Sale and Purchase Agreement or ‘SPA’ is given to the purchaser upon completion of the home purchase transaction.


VP process

What should you do after getting your keys? What is Defects Liability Period (DLP)? How do you inspect for defects and what do you look out for? Here are seven tips to guide you:

After going through the VP process, we will arrange for you to collect your keys once you have cleared all your outstanding payments.

Warranty Period

As part of your SPA, there is a passage on DLP or ‘Warranty Period’ that usually lasts 24 months from the date you obtain your keys. So, you should always inspect your property in every nook and cranny possible once you have collected your keys. During this ‘Warranty Period’, we, the Developer will be responsible for repairing any defects in the property caused by defective workmanship or materials, any incomplete construction work, or failure in adhering to the plans or specifications as stated in the SPA.

lighting and electrical points

The SPA has a list of finishes and specifications such as lighting and electrical points, appliances and fixtures in the bathrooms, toilets and kitchen. So check that every item stated in the SPA is installed and provided in your house. To avoid disputes, be sure to do your inspection and submit a defect list before you carry out any renovation or fitting works.

Warranty Period

While this list is not exhaustive, here are some things to look out for:

  • Doors and windows – Check that the hinges are working and there are no cracks, rot or adhesives left on the glass. Most importantly, there should not be any damaged or cracked screens and broken glass.
  • Doorknobs and locks – Test all the keys provided to ensure they fit in their respective doors well and check the entries when they are opened and closed.
  • Walls – Check for cracks, watermarks, uneven surfaces, and paintwork.
  • Floors/tiles – Same with walls, check for cracks, uneven surfaces, and hollow tiles.
  • Ceiling – Look for gaps, stains, cracks, uneven paint or watermarks.
  • Fixtures and faucets – Check that all the taps work with running water pouring in.
  • Drains – Let the water run to check the drainage flow; it is important to ensure the drainage system isn’t blocked.
  • Sink, tub, and shower – Just like their faucets, ensure there is water running through them and drain quickly.
electrical fixtures

As for electrical fixtures, please refer to the SPA to check that all items are included, in place, and in working order. If your property is landed, remember to check the outside areas like the external wall facings, roof garden, and car porch.

reported defects

The Developer has 30 days under the SPA to rectify all reported defects. So, do hand over your keys to us to rectify any issues within the given timeline as much as possible.

hUp apps

At UEM Sunrise, we inspire joy and happiness by bringing you an exciting homeownership experience by easing the process of reporting defects and keeping track of rectification works through our hUb Prop digital app. Download hUb Prop on your app stores and follow these five easy steps:

1) Select the defect location, i.e., living hall, bedroom, bathroom.
2) Choose the defect category, i.e., electrical, floor, and wall.
3) Select the defect type, i.e., leakage, hollow, crack.
4) State your remarks.
5) Attach photos and click submit.


Alternatively, you can reach us at 1800 888 008 or +603-2711 8008 (for international calls). You can also email us at [email protected], Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, excluding Public Holidays or chat with us to submit your defects report or make arrangements for a joint inspection via

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is intended to provide general guidelines on the house defects for Sale and Property Agreement governed by Housing Development Act (“HDA”) and should by no means be taken as part of any documents or contracts.
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