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Dawn Of A New Era At UEM Sunrise

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01 April 2022

Accelerating sustainability towards a low carbon future by 2030


With sweeping floods and fluctuating weather beginning to plague the nation, there is an increasing need for the government, corporations, organisations and the general public to be more proactive to ensure a sustainable future. 


One such corporation leading the charge is property developer UEM Sunrise Bhd, which is in the process of transitioning towards a more sustainable-driven design philosophy for all its developments. UEM Sunrise has set the target of a low carbon future by 2030 and an even more ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. 


Many companies have begun professing their commitment towards building sustainable cities and climate initiatives, only to cease efforts after the attention dies down, engaging in a process known as greenwashing. 


To walk the talk, UEM Sunrise has an action plan in place. Its new sustainability blueprint follows in the footsteps of eco-friendly mandates such as the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Nationally Determined Contribution by Malaysia.


These prestigious articles guide the company to develop projects which incorporate sustainable strategies at all levels of development, beginning from design, procurement, construction and throughout the life of the buildings. This approach includes steps such as identifying the environmental impact of a project, measuring carbon emissions pre and post construction, as well as procuring sustainability-certified materials and taking on more efficient and holistic construction methods.


Ranging from energy and water efficiency systems to monitoring and improving indoor environmental quality, UEM Sunrise is looking at an overhaul and rethinking its design philosophy to utilise non-superfluous designs.


With an understanding that sustainability efforts can only go as far as the families it houses, the company focuses not only on the environment it creates but the comfort and satisfaction of the community it cultivates. After all, there is an inextricable link between nature and well-being. In making sustainability a key pillar in all its developments, UEM Sunrise makes sure to design homes with an emphasis on community-focus offerings.


However, this march towards a sustainable future is not a new development for the company. UEM Sunrise has been incorporating sustainability efforts and features for years, with projects having been in accordance with global green building standards since 2010. A few examples being Imperia in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri in Johor and 28 Mont’Kiara in Kuala Lumpur.


KAIA Heights combines hilltop and nature living, where residents get to enjoy stunning views of greater Klang Valley in all directions while being cradled by nature with the surrounding 2.4ha nature reserve.


KAIA Heights and Aspira Gardens are just the latest efforts in highlighting UEM Sunrise’s sustainability agenda. Surrounded by six acres of preserved nature and eight acres of landscape, KAIA Heights is a breath of fresh air. 


The development has received a GreenRE silver certification, going above and beyond in catering to multi-generational families. In its design, KAIA Heights conserves almost 40% of the existing forestry around the residence. UEM Sunrise is careful in ensuring that the surrounding plant life flourishes for the benefit of both the environment and its residents.


The development is designed with non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable materials, utilising compost recycled from horticulture waste and equipped with a rainwater irrigation system. With natural ventilation and natural lighting, UEM Sunrise ensures KAIA Heights cuts down on energy use while providing for the well-being and mental health of its residents through communal facilities that promote an active lifestyle while surrounded by nature.


An artist’s impression of Aspira Gardens Type B. It is the first low-density residential enclave in Johor that is designed to be solar panel-ready.


A sister to KAIA Heights, Aspira Gardens is similarly created with environmental sustainability at the forefront. It is the first low-density residential enclave in Johor that is designed to be solar panel-ready, with solar-powered street lights along the roads to guide residents home. 


Buildings are finished with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints, eliminating health risk to the community living in their homes and reducing the risk of pollution to the environment. Units are constructed to be as water efficient as possible, with rainwater harvesting systems available for certain homes.


Incorporating a well-rounded perspective for sustainable development, Aspira Gardens is designed around goals such as good health and wellness and sustainable communities. The development has eco-friendly community spaces such as the recycling centre, treehouse-style playground, and open greenery, which allow families to create new memories while playing their part in creating a cleaner planet. 


Perhaps it is the combination of this attention to environmentally friendly features and the responsible production of the project which has led to a very encouraging take-up rate of units after its recent launch despite the pandemic.


With the rest of 2022 at its feet, the company aspires to further push the boundaries of sustainable development. UEM Sunrise is looking forward to the launch of its new sustainability blueprint, which represents true dedication towards championing sustainability in its industry while prioritizing in delivering long-term sustainable values to the customers. 


Through unlocking the values in sustainable development, UEM Sunrise is fully geared to position its brand as the industry leader in sustainability in recognition of investors and industry peers.


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