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Supporting Arts To Promote Conservation

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09 December 2022

UEM Sunrise spotlights local artists and communities, alongside integrating sustainability considerations within its developments

In furthering its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals to amplify its impact on the public, UEM Sunrise Bhd continues its K’Artulistiwa art initiative, now at the Mont’Kiara Property Showcase.


With the latest instalment of K’artulistiwa, UEM Sunrise combines art and interior design in its upcoming high-rise residential development show units, namely the high-end Club Edition called The MINH at Mont’Kiara, through a mural designed by Satira Diana Borhannuddin.


“I am honoured to be part of this project with UEM Sunrise. It embraces the very essence of sustainability through arts by empowering artists and bridging the community and culture together through its multi-purpose creative spaces. 


“The mural that I am showcasing is inspired by my poem ‘The Paradise’. It boasts strokes of vibrant hues flowing asymmetrically across the wall, with flocks of gilded bird accents at the side. The mural’s asymmetrical placement represents the fluid and rich movement of nature,” said Satira.


UEM Sunrise chief development officer Mardiana Rahayu Tukiran said the artwork was chosen to suit The MINH’s aesthetics as it represents a timeless passage to Indochine. 


The Euro-Asian theme is designed around transparent spaces where the outside and inside are seamlessly blended into one; offering nostalgia and modernity fused in a timeless manner. The enduring Indochine design and motifs featured in the development are also bathed in the unique blend of Euro-Asian colours that creates a sense of tranquillity and balance.


K’Artulistiwa is a play on the word khatulistiwa, which is a Bahasa Malaysia word for equator and it symbolises Malaysia’s geographical location; while the K represents the company’s flagship township of Mont’Kiara, art being a tool to bring communities together and tulis is write in Bahasa Malaysia, which represents self-expression. Lastly, istiwa is Arabic for preservation and stabilisation, which is aligned with the company’s philosophy and sustainability direction.


Mardiana noted that on top of integrating sustainability considerations throughout the lifecycle of its developments, UEM Sunrise aims to support the communities in which it operates.


It aims to build and strengthen ties with the community by having the company’s sales galleries showcase works by local artists, as well as becoming a space for various community-led art activities such as murals, art workshops and solo and group exhibitions by these artists. 


The initiative was kicked off at the KAIA Heights sales gallery earlier this year at the property developer’s appreciation event with its loyal customers, called Trésorians. It featured art from environmental and wildlife conservationist artist Suzi Chua.


“On top of integrating sustainability considerations throughout the lifecycle of our developments, UEM Sunrise aims to support the communities for whom we build in big and small ways, to hopefully be a big part of their lifestyle aspirations. Most of our developments are planned with self-sufficiency in mind,” added Mardiana.


Through K’artulistiwa, UEM Sunrise aspires to continue working with local artists on a deeper level to develop a self-sustainable community that champions wildlife conservation and art as a form of expression and a means to support the local economy.


The k'artulistiwa initiative sits perfectly within UEM Sunrise's CHIEF values, (an acronym for Caring, Honest, Involved, Enthusiastic and Fun-Loving), primarily reflecting the company's caring attributes, in this case towards local artists as well exemplifying how involved and enthusiastic UEM Sunrise is as a company which seeks to promote and encourage local talent. This also fits snugly with the company's Find Your Happy tagline, further reinforcing the property developer's quest to inspire joy and happiness one space at a time.



The mural's asymmetrical placement represents the fluid and rich movement of nature, said Satira.


“UEM Sunrise sees art as a vehicle for communication and social change. Art is, after all, a pillar of any civilised society. It is important that we lead by example by practising environmentally and socially sensitive development strategies,” said UEM Sunrise chief executive officer Sufian Abdullah.


He added that plans are underway to roll out the art initiative to the company’s other sales galleries in the near future.


“With our sales galleries becoming more than just spaces for sale transactions and to showcase our developments, they can double up as a creative platform and space. 


“It is our hope that we can work together with our local artists on a deeper level to develop a self-sustainable community which not only champions wildlife conservation but also champions art as a form of expression and a means to support the local economy,” Sufian said.


While k'artulistiwa seeks to establish placemaking activities through arts and culture programs, focusing on the S portion of ESG, an increasing number of UEM Sunrise's developments embody the property developer's environmental agenda as part of its sustainability DNA, including Aspira Gardens which is Johor's first low-density residential enclave designed to be solar panel-ready and utilises solar-powered streetlights. In the Klang Valley, Allevia Mont'Kiara complies with QLASSIC and GreenRE requirements, which assures that the high-rise residence is built with sustainability in mind through efficient use of resources such as energy and water while reducing carbon footprint. More recently, the company entered into an MOU with GENTARI and PETRONAS Global Technical Solutions Sdn Bhd to explore opportunities for collaboration in adopting renewable, green energy and mobility. Even more, such initiatives are being planned for other new projects on the horizon as well.


For more information on UEM Sunrise, its current and future developments, as well as its commitment to sustainability, visit


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