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UEM Sunrise launches 3 new mobile apps as part of digital transformation agenda

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03 March 2021

UEM Sunrise has unveiled three brand new hUb-themed mobile apps - hUb Home, hUb Mall, and hUb Life - which are a continuation of its first mobile app hUB series, hUb Prop, which was launched in 2019. It was previously conceived with the aim to serve UEM Sunrise's loyal customers, also known as Trésorians and future homeowners, as a one-stop platform for their property buying experience. More than 4,000 customers have since downloaded the hUb Prop app. 


The apps will be managed by UEM Sunrise's digital arm, Rise Digital, which was established last January as part of the company's commitment to its digital transformation agenda. Rise Digital will also be collaborating with various startups to offer better convenience to their customers and the public while aligning with the company's core property business. A+M has reached out to UEM Sunrise for additional information on the apps.


The hUb Home app serves as a marketplace that provides residents with a wide range of services by professionals to assist with their daily chores and errands. It works alongside local service providers such as Kaodim, Maideasy, BungkusIt, Bateriku, Zepto and MyGroser. The app was first available for download for loyal customers and is now public.


Meanwhile, the hUb Mall app is a multiservice platform encompasses news and upcoming announcements of Publika Shopping Gallery, but also serves as a loyalty redemption programme where users can earn hUb Mall points for every purchase and redeem them for attractive rewards. With 27 merchants already onboard and more to come, users are able to locate the best deals and latest promotions through the "E-Mall" section. It will soon expand to enable parking reservations and other appointment reservations with Publika merchants.


Lastly, hUb Life aims to be a one-stop solution for condominium management services such as visitors’ access, facilities booking, digital ID for residents which later on can be expanded to include licence plate recognition. For this mobile app, UEM Sunrise is working together with its technology partner, Kiple, a green packet company, to enable hUb Life at identified condominiums in and around Mont Kiara. According to UEM Sunrise, two condominiums in Mont Kiara are already onboard and the company is targeting at least another 13 to be onboarded by the end of 2021.


CEO Sufian Abdullah said during a Facebook Live session this morning that Rise Digital allows the company to gather data and analytics as well as explore digital solutions for potential products it is looking to launch. "We see this as a way forward of understanding how we operate as an organisation, how we can interact internally and how we are able to deliver the products that consumers want," Sufian said.


He added that UEM Sunrise also wants to hear more from startups and respond to their needs. "We want to be able to curate the kind of services they want to subscribe to. It's easy for me to build a two-storey shophouse and hope someone can rent it but that's not everyone's cup of tea. We need to understand the evolution of the business, the gig economy and startups when it comes to how people earn money these days. It's our job to explore how we respond to that physically, especially when it comes to the physical representation of the premises," he added.

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