Enhancing The Quality Of Life In Our Community

Building future generations to be the best version of themselves.


We strive to raise awareness on the importance of education via our programmes as it’ll help inspire young members to shape their futures. Also, we want to create a balance between our economic ambitions and social responsibility to create a positive impact. The programmes include specific areas of focus:

Education & Human Capital

We support a collaborative approach to upskill talents and build capabilities to come out at full potential in our communities and workplaces

Community Development

We prioritise localised capacity building and livelihood enhancement projects for continuous improvement in our communities’ quality of life

Green Environment & Technology

We continually innovate and support new ways to meet social and environmental legal requirements, industry practices and fiscal incentives through organic growth or empowerment

Value Creation

We strive to develop differentiated products and services, building awareness and encourage vendor, supplier & service provider growth through sustainable solutions

PINTAR Programme

Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent And Advocate Responsibility (PINTAR) is a collaborative social responsibility initiative to improve the motivation of students via education. We hope to inspire young Malaysians to be responsible citizens in society. Our support of the programme dated back to 2008 and they are based on these four core modules:

  • Motivational & Team Building Programme
  • Educational Support Programme
  • Capability & Capacity Building
  • Reducing Vulnerabilities & Social Issues



BukuHub Programme

BukuHub was launched as a community reading space that encourages the public to read and donate books at the same time. BukuHub seeks to enrich the lifestyles of all ages while cultivating the habit of reading and ensuring the books are widely accessible to the local community. In addition, the book-filled community centre also intends to inspire integrity among its readers as there are no check-in and check-out counters. BukuHub can be found at the locations below.

  1. Publika, KL
  2. Imperia Sales Gallery, Puteri Harbour
  3. Serene Heights Sales Gallery, Bangi
  4. Forest Heights Gallery, Seremban
  5. PPR Uda Utama, Johor
  1. SK Presint 18 (1), Putrajaya
  2. SK Kiaramas, Mont’Kiara, KL
  3. SMK Medini, Iskandar Puteri
  4. Darul Aitam, Tapah, Perak
  5. Kg. Simpang Arang, Gelang Patah

Community Engagement

The community engagement approach aims at engaging the local people on regular basis with emphasis on social inclusiveness by organising related events and providing the appropriate assistance to continuously improve community’s participation and foster shared prosperity.


Workforce Matters

We believe in inclusivity and fair employment by providing employees with opportunities based on merit. Everyone deserves to enjoy their lives in vibrant and inclusive communities and workplaces.

Take a look at our workforce breakdowns for a better understanding.


Breakdown by Gender
Employee Breakdown by Employee Category
Employee Turnover Rates 2020 2021 2022
Turnover rate (%) 14 19 19.6
Turnover by Gender (number)      
Female 67 107 -
Male 89 105 -
Turnover by Age Group (number)      
<30 57 56 -
30-40 57 - -
40-50 25 131 -
>50 17 25 -


Learning & Development Matters

We live by the motto ‘Find Your Happy’ which is why we provide the best opportunities for personal growth and career development for our people. We believe investing in an efficient workforce is part of an ongoing sustainable solution. Multiple approaches were used to cover the overall growth and development:

Sharing sessions, engagement & feedback

Direct conversations with the top management by implementing the CHIEF Chat & Jom Sembang.

Digital learning platform

Encouraging our people to learn and grow continuously via LinkedIn Learning.

People platform or HCM Oracle

Enabling our people to work out their own development plans and explore internal job opportunities.

We provided training sessions to prepare our people with the right skills and mindset. With this, we’re also happy to reward them through the Talent Philosophy and Strategy & Framework that earmarks them for promotions and special recognition awards.
Other initiatives also include:

360 Debrief - Completed for All GM and above by Kincentric

Coaching Programme for Talents

Corporate Finance Programme for C-Suites

UEM Sunrise Nottingham Programme

Executive Coaching for CEO

For a detailed analysis, view the breakdown of training hours put in by our people:

Employees Training Hours

Training Hours Number of Employees
Total No. of Training Hours 19,852 hours
Investment in Training  RM702,158.48
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