How to Prevent and Get Rid of Cockroaches

Everyone has their own kryptonite; it may come in the form of extreme heights or even in the shape of creepy crawlies. But for most people, (flying) cockroaches may just be at the top of their blacklist, triumphing the pontianak and ghosts. Not to worry though, not all types of cockroaches have the ability of flight (thank heavens!), however some have been cursed blessed with a longer lifespan, which can last up to 3 years – yikes! 

There are two common roach species that can be found in Malaysia, the German cockroach and the American cockroach. Each has slightly different exteriors, but they’re both equally a nightmare to live with. These invasive pests are attracted to dark, damp places with food and water, and a dirty house inhabited by occupants checks all the boxes for being the perfect hideout for roaches. Thankfully, cockroach infestations are not difficult to identify, and there are several ways to get rid of cockroaches. Here’s how:

Identify signs of cockroach infestation


Tip 1: Identify signs of cockroach infestation

Alright detectives, it’s time to put on your sleuth hats and look for clues of roach invasion at your home! You’ll have to look out for these sure-fire signs:

Droppings: Cockroaches defecate everywhere they go, and they leave behind trails of micro-sized black pellets which may look like small specs of dirt or grain-like faeces.
Egg casings: If you spot brownish long, hollow egg casings lying around corners of your home, chances are there’s a family of roaches hiding nearby the crime scene.
Musty odour: A colony of cockroaches equates to a massive trail of faeces, which results in a strong, musty smell. You can’t miss it!
Cockroach sighting: Spotting roaches in plain sight is a clear indicator that a cockroach nest is present at your home. Warm, dark, and damp places are hotspots for roaches!

Create DIY pesticides to kill off cockroaches naturally


Tip 2: Create DIY pesticides to kill off cockroaches naturally

Did you know that you can get rid of cockroaches with home remedies found in the kitchen? You can mix some boric acid with sugar and sprinkle it at the cockroach’s path and voila! They will be poisoned to death upon ingesting it. If you have pets, try sprinkling non-toxic diatomaceous earth which dehydrates the roach’s exoskeleton upon contact. You can also get essential oils with roach-repellent scents like lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, and lemongrass.

‘Marie Kondo’ up your place!


Tip 3: ‘Marie Kondo’ up your place!

These uninvited guests eat almost everything! Paper, human hair, trash, your mum’s leftover sambal sotong – you name it, they eat it. Storing your food in airtight containers ensures a crumb-free environment which may be less attractive to cockroaches.

It is also important to clean and declutter your house regularly and avoid keeping stacks of magazines and cardboard boxes as these are a cockroach’s favourite ‘lepak’ spots.

Get rid of the cockroach lair


Tip 4: Get rid of the cockroach lair

Finding a cockroach nest may be tricky as they tend to set up camp at dark and hard-to-reach spots, but it’s not that hard to lure them out. You can prevent cockroaches in the bedroom, kitchen, or other staycation sites for roaches at home. They favour dark places like underneath the furniture or behind the fridge and damp places like under the kitchen sink or the bathroom piping areas. You can also look for their droppings and egg casings. You can lure cockroaches out with traps by setting bait stations or glue strips to entice them. Once you locate their nest, exterminate their eggs immediately to prevent breeding.

Bonus tip: Sealing up entry points and cracks with caulk may just be your best bet to deter roaches. You may want to consider getting a dehumidifier to keep damp areas dry and less attractive to cockroaches.


Home remedies and DIY roach-repellents may be fun to experiment with, but if all else fails, you can always ring up your local pest management expert to kill cockroaches at your place. Don’t let these little critters linger too long though, as they are known to carry diseases and may trigger allergies. For more house care tips, visit our blog for neat tips and tricks!

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